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The Modern Natured Story

  Harnessing Nature’s Gifts to Humanity

      In the heart of Modern Natured beats a story that connects luxury, culture, and innovation to sustainability.

The journey started with Emma's vision, a Dutch-born Ghanaian creative genius, to establish a luxury fashion and beauty house of sustainable brands in Atlanta, Georgia. Her rich multicultural background and design skills guided her to effortlessly blend tradition with modernity.

     In 2022, Modern Natured began developing its beauty brand and designing innovative waist beads utilizing Ghana's finest recycled glass beads simultaneously. However, Modern Natured's traditional Ghanaian waist beads swiftly gained attention for their sustainable nature, cultural background, and innovative and appealing designs. Emma received an invitation to collaborate with various swimwear designers during Miami Swim week to enhance their collection with Modern Natured's body accessories, waist beads. The overwhelmingly positive feedback led to another invitation, but this time to showcase Modern Natured's full collection of beads at La Gallery Bourbon, less than a month after the Miami Swim week showing.

Stunning the world with its new innovative and eco-conscious brand, Modern Natured unveiled its remarkable Beaded Couture luxury brand during Paris Fashion Week SS23. Beaded Couture exhibits the masterful artistry of recycled glass beads, which are meticulously beaded into innovative couture pieces in Ghana. Beaded Couture's fringes transform into exquisite, versatile luxury garments, enabling a wide range of looks from a bold, elegant statement necklace to a luxurious, regal beachwear cover-up. This versatility promotes a more sustainable approach to dressing, setting a new benchmark for sustainable luxury brands. Beaded Couture's statement neckpieces and removable waist beads – a pioneering creation that offers adjustability and versatility.

These exceptional designs and pieces caught the eye of renowned publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, British Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, and more. Each showcase and feature underscores Modern Natured’s exceptional mission, leaving a mark on the realms of both fashion and sustainability.

  Today Modern Natured stands as a pioneer in producing luxurious sustainable garments made out of recycles glass. Among its remarkable offerings are the Modern Natured's Cropped Hoods, which are made out of Ghana's royal fabric, the kente cloth, hand woven with the finest grade of un dyed leather.

Modern Natured warmly welcomes those who seamlessly embrace both nature and luxury. With each new addition to your collection, you're contributing to a circular economy, all while exuding sophistication and a strong commitment to eco-consciousness.






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