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Modern Natured Waist Beads On The Runway At Miami Swim Week

Modern Natured Waist Beads On The Runway At Miami Swim Week

The waist beads collection on the runway with Kanawa, Zoelle BYBS, Meredith Ashley, Cyar, Peach Plie, Audrey Monae, Cordee Cases, Surturban, Michael Bailey, Hott Commodity Eyewear, and Ash Hoffman are stunning views you would love to see.

What is Modern Natured?

Modern Natured a black-owned beauty retailer goes to grace the Miami Swim Week runway at the Flying Solo Runway Show in Miami. Different models from all over the globe got to showcase the glass beads collection on their waists with swimsuits on. Watch the YouTube video below for the full experience.

Modern Natured's handmade, traditional Ghanaian waist beads are made in Kumasi, Ghana. Our waist beads are made with glass beads and traditional Ghanaian thread that must be tied on. They can't be removed once tied. Modern Natured's waist beads are beautiful body accessories that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

They help gauge weight loss without having to resort to extreme measures. Modern Natured is a black-owned beauty retailer of cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and beauty accessories. In addition to our own products, We support other beauty brands by housing their products on our shelves through our Co-retailer Program.

Read more about Modern Natured Featured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet [YouTube Video]

Modern Natured Waist Beads Collection

Modern natured waist beads are handmade and they are a traditional signature for the Ghanaians. They are made with glass and a traditional Ghanaian thread that must be tied on. Once they have been tied they cannot be removed. The glass waist beads are beautiful body accessories that come in a variety of patterns and colors.

Emma the founder and CEO of Modern natured accompanied her models on the runway. She appeared in the middle and at the end where she gets to showcase the glass waist beads in her bag.

Are you looking for waist beads you can incorporate to your style? Shop with Modern Natured today and get your waist beads today.

Here are the waist beads collection you can shop now:

Ama Karin Waist Beads Collection: https://modernnatured.com/products/ama-karin-waist-beads-collection

Small Waist Beads: https://modernnatured.com/products/large-waist-beads-red

Large Waist Beads: https://modernnatured.com/products/large-waist-beads

Runway Collection: https://modernnatured.com/products/high-fashion-waist-beads


Watch Modern Natured on the Runway (Miami swim week 2022 part 2) on YouTube here.


Shop Beauty Products : https://modernnatured.com @Modernnatured on ALL SOCIALS

Find our music on all streaming platforms (Modern Natured - Amoai) including Spotify (listen below)

Listen to Modern Natured - Amoani on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/60ig0Hd8x6z8dnfwo85CZx?si=2050096cee7d4c2c


Listen to Modern Natured - Amoani on Apple Music here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/modern-natured-single/1620623132

Miami Swim Week Gallery Runway Photos

Miami swim week model side view

miami swim week full view

blue swimwear with waist beads

close up waist beads shot

light brown waist beads for miami swim week

light skin waist beads miami week

burgundy waist beads miami swim week

teal green swimsuit with waist beads

pink swimwear for miami swim week

light pink swim wear with waist beads

pink swimwear with waist beads

purple waist beads close up

green and pink waist beads for miami swim week

waist beads model at miami swim week

modern natured CEO with waist beads 

Shop Now with Modern Natured today! 

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Modern Natured Featured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet [YouTube Video]

Modern Natured Featured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet [YouTube Video]

Modern Natured founder, Emma Okyere got interviewed by Fashion Novation on the MIAMI TALKS BLUE CARPET. Emma was one of the women entrepreneurs doing activations on products in her booth.

Modern Natured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet 

Her dream scenario for the fashion industry is true collaboration. Everybody has unique gifts and talents and we all can truly collaborate to make magic. We can  take some actions to ensure this comes true. We can do this by being held accountable because accountability is very important.

Often times we say we want to work together, whether it's on the same field or not, but we don't actually make the steps. Holding each other accountable and working on a progress especially with TECH which has ways  one  can be held accountable while utilizing their tools  and making sure that everybody is on the same page and is aligned.

What is Modern Natured?

When we talk about Modern Natured, we talk about a black owned beauty retailer.

Modern natured has different types of products, beauty products and today we are here to represent modern nature. We have waist beads which are waist glass beads from Ghana.


Watch Emma Okyere on the Miami Talks Blue Carpet on YouTube here

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How to Tie Waist Beads in 4 Simple Steps

How to Tie Waist Beads in 4 Simple Steps

African women from various West African cultures tie their waist beads under their belly along the waistline or hips because they are not supposed to be visible. The accessory contains small  to medium glass beads on multiple strings of thread. For centuries, Ghanaian women have worn waist beads to symbolize womanhood, sensuality, femininity, weight management, and body shaping.

Nowadays, waist beads are worn as a self-expression accessory, weight gauging tool,  and fashion statement. Since waist beads are now super trendy,  you can find women wearing them above the belly. Wherever you decide to wear them is cool ( just don’t have them visible around older Ghanaian aunties; they might tell you to cover them up…lol).

At Modern Natured, we only carry Ghanaian, traditional tie-on waist beads. Once the waist beads are tied on, they can not come off (unless you decide to cut them off or if you get them caught into something sharp). The thread does not stretch or expand.  Traditional waist beads are permanent when tied on;  they last for a long time. I've been wearing mine for about 6 years now.  I just keep adding more.  You can wear them while showering, bathing, swimming, you name it!  You just have to make sure you tie them properly so they won't come off. 

Now if you're wondering or worried about … How to tie waist beads? 

No worries I, Edwina Love Joy has got you covered.

I’m going to tell you HOW TO TIE WAIST BEADS in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Take the waist beads string and measure it around your desired waist area. Be sure to  Leave enough room for bloating and bending.
For weight loss, measure above the belly

step one: how to tie waist beads


Step 2

Once measured, move excess beads over to the end making sure they are not in the way. 

step two: how to tie waist beads

Step 3

Ensure there are no gaps in between the beads and then tie 3 to 4 knots.

step three: how to tie waist beads


Step 4

Cut off excess strings and beads. You may discard the excess beads or you can turn them into an anklet (if you have enough beads remaining)

step four: how to tie waist beads

You can shop the Ama Ka’rin Waist Beads collection here

Learn more about Ama Ka’rin( link Ama Ka’rin Blog)

Enjoy Rocking your self tied waist beads in fashion !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here For A Video tutorial


Edwina Love Joy 

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