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Modern Natured Featured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet [YouTube Video]

Modern Natured Featured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet [YouTube Video]

Modern Natured founder, Emma Okyere got interviewed by Fashion Novation on the MIAMI TALKS BLUE CARPET. Emma was one of the women entrepreneurs doing activations on products in her booth.

Modern Natured on The Miami Talks Blue Carpet 

Her dream scenario for the fashion industry is true collaboration. Everybody has unique gifts and talents and we all can truly collaborate to make magic. We can  take some actions to ensure this comes true. We can do this by being held accountable because accountability is very important.

Often times we say we want to work together, whether it's on the same field or not, but we don't actually make the steps. Holding each other accountable and working on a progress especially with TECH which has ways  one  can be held accountable while utilizing their tools  and making sure that everybody is on the same page and is aligned.

What is Modern Natured?

When we talk about Modern Natured, we talk about a black owned beauty retailer.

Modern natured has different types of products, beauty products and today we are here to represent modern nature. We have waist beads which are waist glass beads from Ghana.


Watch Emma Okyere on the Miami Talks Blue Carpet on YouTube here

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