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How to Tie Waist Beads in 4 Simple Steps

How to Tie Waist Beads in 4 Simple Steps

African women from various West African cultures tie their waist beads under their belly along the waistline or hips because they are not supposed to be visible. The accessory contains small  to medium glass beads on multiple strings of thread. For centuries, Ghanaian women have worn waist beads to symbolize womanhood, sensuality, femininity, weight management, and body shaping.

Nowadays, waist beads are worn as a self-expression accessory, weight gauging tool,  and fashion statement. Since waist beads are now super trendy,  you can find women wearing them above the belly. Wherever you decide to wear them is cool ( just don’t have them visible around older Ghanaian aunties; they might tell you to cover them up…lol).

At Modern Natured, we only carry Ghanaian, traditional tie-on waist beads. Once the waist beads are tied on, they can not come off (unless you decide to cut them off or if you get them caught into something sharp). The thread does not stretch or expand.  Traditional waist beads are permanent when tied on;  they last for a long time. I've been wearing mine for about 6 years now.  I just keep adding more.  You can wear them while showering, bathing, swimming, you name it!  You just have to make sure you tie them properly so they won't come off. 

Now if you're wondering or worried about … How to tie waist beads? 

No worries I, Edwina Love Joy has got you covered.

I’m going to tell you HOW TO TIE WAIST BEADS in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Take the waist beads string and measure it around your desired waist area. Be sure to  Leave enough room for bloating and bending.
For weight loss, measure above the belly

step one: how to tie waist beads


Step 2

Once measured, move excess beads over to the end making sure they are not in the way. 

step two: how to tie waist beads

Step 3

Ensure there are no gaps in between the beads and then tie 3 to 4 knots.

step three: how to tie waist beads


Step 4

Cut off excess strings and beads. You may discard the excess beads or you can turn them into an anklet (if you have enough beads remaining)

step four: how to tie waist beads

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Learn more about Ama Ka’rin( link Ama Ka’rin Blog)

Enjoy Rocking your self tied waist beads in fashion !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here For A Video tutorial


Edwina Love Joy 

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