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Best Waist Beads to Wear

Best Waist Beads to Wear

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What are waist beads?

Traditional waist beads are West-African, body accessories worn around the waistline or hips. The accessory contains small  to medium glass beads on multiple strings  worn around the abdomen & hip area. For centuries, Ghanaian women have worn waist beads to symbolize womanhood, sensuality, femininity, weight management, and body shaping.

Nowadays, waist beads are worn as an 
expression accessory, weight gauging tool,  and fashion statement. 

Do waist beads support weight loss?

Waist beads are extraordinary, but they don't make you lose weight. However, you can track your weight loss by wearing the beads higher on your waist. If they drop down, that means that you lost weight since waist beads don't stretch. 

Do you want to wear waist beads, but you have no idea what to get? No worries! Dutch-born, US-based Ghanaian artist Ama Ka'rin got you! Ama Ka'rin is a long time waist beads wearer, so she  knows everything you need to know about waist beads.


Watch The Ama Ka'rin Waist Beads Collection video on YouTube


What do waist beads mean to you?

I absolutely love waist beads! They definitely have always shaped my waist. I feel beautiful in my beads and can't picture life without them. I use beads placed with thread. When installed, it's more permanent.

You have to cut those out when you want them off. Now the ones that snap on with plastic string you can take off daily, but I never wear those. So I pick the ones that speak to me and wear them, honestly, until they wear out or I have a new set of beads.


When did you wear your first waist beads?

I can't remember it's been so long. You know the Ghanaian tradition is to put the beads on babies during the naming ceremony.

I don't think I had them at birth, but I think I came pretty close to it. I feel empty without them on!


How do you tie on the waist bead?

I tie my beads really low. I guess the traditional way! Unless I have on low cut jeans and I'm sitting down, you can see them, and when my Ghanaian aunties come around and alarm me that my beads are showing, I shockingly put them away!

I love when they show like that, though. It's really feminine and sexy to me, but the traditional way to wear them is for them, not to show for strangers.


waist beads collection

What color waist bead should I wear?

Wear whatever color you love. I play around with lots of mixed sting beads gold mixed with bright pink, lime green, royal blue, yellow, I mean whatever color looks beautiful on my skin!


Should I wear my waist beads around my waist or hips?

That's actually up to you! If you want to wear waist beads for weight management than I recommend wearing the beads around your upper waist. Or you can wear the beads lower so your hips and butt can catch 'em. Feel free to wear yours how you like to wear them!


waist beads


How many waist beads are you wearing?  

Right now, I only have 7 on, but I'll be heading to Modern Natured to grab about 10 more strings out of my AMA Ka'rin's Waist Beads Collection this week.

I'll perform my hit single Na You Be The KoKo in Tanzania, and I want to look super sexy in my waist beads.

Listen to Ama Ka'rin on Spotify and save your favorite song to your playlist!


Have fun and embrace your femininity. Women of any body type can wear waist beads. Which one(s) are you getting?

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Article by Edwina Love Joy

black owned beauty retailer

Photographed by Cloud 9 Photography 

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